Be Better to Your Floors in 2016

Don’t have a New Years resolution quite yet? Tired of attempting the seemingly impossible “diet resolution”? Stanley Steemer recommends, resolve to be better to your home—specifically your floors—this year! Taking better care of your floors will not only make your home appear cleaner, it’ll save you time and money throughout the year. Make the following simple changes in 2016 to maintain beautiful, clean floors.

Enforce a “no shoes” rule. The less dirt and snow dragged in, the less embedded in your carpet or grout. Make the change easy for the family to embrace by placing a container for shoes by the entrance of your home. Not enough to get the kids on board? Buy the family fun new socks to show off while wearing around the house.

Keep dining in the dining room. It’s not always the easiest habit to change or the most convenient solution, but eating around the dinner table will help you prevent stains and spills on carpet and help you save on cleanings in the future. Plus, dining together isn’t just good for the floors… it’s good for your family too!

Brush pets regularly. Long-haired, short-haired, fluffy or not — they all shed and most of the hair and dander ends up in your carpet. Provide yourself some relief and ease regular carpet cleanings by taking a comb to your four-legged family member before the fur flies.

Use a protectant on flooring. Accidents happen, and when they do, feel secure that your floor is protected from stains and moisture. Stanley Steemer professionals can apply protectant treatments to hardwood, tile and carpet to keep floors as flawless as the day they were installed.

Get carpet professionally clean quarterly. No matter how often you vacuum or what measures you take to keep your carpet in pristine condition, dust, dirt and hair will inevitably find it’s way in. It’s a good rule of thumb to maintain your carpet by having it professionally cleaned with the change of the seasons. Schedule your next cleaning!