Make Your Hardwood Sparkle for the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching and so are the many gatherings that come with it! Whether it’s a neighborhood get together, family Thanksgiving dinner or work Christmas party, you’re bound to volunteer your home for a party over the holidays. Before you string the garland, light the lights and decorate the tree, lay the groundwork to make your home truly sparkle with shiny, clean hardwood floors.

With the beauty of a hardwood floor comes the responsibility of maintaining it. The better care you provide, the longer your floor will maintain its original beauty. Here are some tips for keeping your hardwood happy:

  • Use hardwood-safe mats and throw rugs at entrances and shake them out often.
  • Keep your home at a consistent humidity to prevent floors from swelling, shrinking, cracking or showing gaps.
  • Avoid high heels, long pet nails or dragging anything that could scratch—such as furniture—across the floor.
  • Purchase a good quality broom and sweep regularly to minimize dirt, dust and other particles.
  • Frequently run a vacuum cleaner—without a beater bar—to get in between the boards and other hard to reach areas.
  • Don’t use wax on a floor with a urethane finish and don’t use ammonia cleaners, oil soaps or any cleaner that will leave a residue.
  • Use a professional hardwood floor cleaner (available from Stanley Steemer) to remove scuffs and heel marks. Just spray some cleaner on a cloth and rub the stained area lightly.
  • To deep clean ‘finished-in-place” hardwood floors, use a terrycloth mop with a rotating head to clean corners, under cabinets and along baseboards. Prefinished hardwood floors have specific recommended cleaning products to maintain their finish. Use them so you do not void your warranty.

And don’t forget, a professional cleaning once or twice a year is key to maintaining the appearance of hardwoods. Stanley Steemer’s revolutionary process uses a high-speed rotary brush and proprietary cleaning solution to reach tough dirt and contaminants. As we clean, squeegees trap the dirt and a powerful vacuum extracts the dirt and the excess cleaning solution. We follow with a detailed hand cleaning in hard-to-reach areas before restoring your floor’s pH balance with a professional grade wood cleaner. Finally, we apply a fast-drying maintenance coat for a uniform sheen that helps to extend the life of your floor, or our poly coat, a durable solution that dries fast and provides a protective layer.

Don’t delay—pay attention to your floors now and make your holidays more sparkling and bright!