The Dos and Don'ts of Tile Care

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Much like carpet, tile and grout require periodic cleanings to maintain beauty and functionality. How often you should clean your tile is dependent on many factors. Is it located in a high-traffic area of the home? What activities take place on your tile? Do you own pets? Do you have children? Seasons matter too. Are you tracking in dry dirt and sand, or snow and mud? No matter what life brings through your door and across your floors, tile can be extremely practical, beautiful and easy to clean. Simply follow these easy tile care “Dos and Don’ts” from our local experts.


  • Clean with harsh chemicals – Avoid bleach, ammonia-based cleaners or harsh chemicals that can breakdown the protectant sealant on the tile or discolor the grout.

  • Use wax on tile - Wax can build up and detract from the appearance of tile. It’s better to simply seal the grout and leave the tile.

  • Scratch or crack tile - Use extra care when moving furniture or heavy items across tile. Scratches and cracks can provide easy openings for dirt to settle in.

  • Replace discolored grout and tile - If your floor seems permanently stained to the point where even the best cleaning is not effective, replacing it may seem like the only option. But there is an alternative, less costly solution—Stanley Steemer’s color grout sealer. This premier grout restoration service returns your grout to one unified color while simultaneously waterproofing it for added protection. Watch how it works!

DO …

  • Vacuum regularly - Prevent dry dirt, dust, crumbs or pet hair from piling up in grout by simply vacuuming the tile as needed.

  • Use neutral cleaners - Perform regular, quick cleanings with only neutral cleaners such as soap and water. Rinse and dry the tile quickly after.

  • Act fast for spills - Clean spills quickly to avoid discoloration from possible chemicals in the liquid.

  • Apply a tile and grout sealant - A sealant creates an invisible barrier over your grout that resists dirt and spills before they are absorbed making cleanup and regular maintenance easy.

  • Schedule professional cleanings - From inspection to cleaning to sealing, Stanley Steemer’s local, trained technicians provide the same exceptional service and attention to detail that they’ve used in their carpet cleanings for more than six decades. Learn about our state-of-the-art cleaning process.